ALUSB 2019 & Beyond

Creative Direction / Event Branding

Since 2015, the African Leadership University (ALU) has been building educational institutions across Africa. As the in-house designer on the Mauritius campus, I created design concepts that continue to serve the institution. All of these concepts were based on The ALU Step Device, which was first introduced to ALU’s brand guidelines by The Lattitude Group︎︎︎ 

The Step Device:
ALUSB Class of 2019 Visual Identity

The Step Device is sliced into the lines that make up the logo and patterns. The slices forming the patterns were cropped, mirrored and arranged into a gradient pattern. This pattern was applied to the various collateral used at the graduation ceremony, including the Event Brochure, Invitation and Graduation Gala Pass, Stage Backdrop, ID tags, etc. As a successful concept, it has been repeated for other commencement events. 

2019 Event Brand & Beyond

Photo Credits:
@Fred Swaniker︎︎︎ALU Education

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© Copyright, 2023, Sarah Oforiwa OBUOBI, All Rights Reserved.