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Ofo Obuobi is a bilingual artist and designer born and raised in Accra, Ghana. Her work explores imaginary landscapes and portraiture. As a young adult who has (and continues to) experience a lifetime of swift advancements in technology, Ofo’s work looks closely at the relationship between analogue and digital tools - and how these tools define the authenticity of the work created by the artist; or how these tools influence the creative process of the artist. This is why most of her work is anchored by drawing as a fundamental medium of expression.

Ofo’s geographically diverse academic experience forms the foundation for her work and also reflects her multi disciplinary practice. In 2011 she completed a Bachelors’ programme in Studio Art and French from Mount Holyoke College (MA, USA). Later in 2013, she completed a program in Visual Communications from the Paris College of Art (PCA) in France. After several years of work as a Graphic Designer in Paris, Accra and Mauritius, Ofo completed her Masters in Transdisciplinary New Media from PCA in 2019. Ofo currently lives and works in Rennes as an artist and freelance graphic designer.