Blulever Education

Branding / Interior Graphics
Blulever Education prepares artisans for the job market in the wake of advancing technology. I worked with the organisation to extend their brand guidelines into the interior space of their first office space in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. The process started with initial review of the brand guidelines. This was followed by drafting and research before creating 3D mockups of the graphics that were incorporated into the interior architecture. Finally, detailed specifications were delivered for execution. The final output brings together a unique combination of vinyl, copper, wood and a colour palette consisting of bright, reflective hues. All of these elements, inspired by the typical industrial setting, work together to reflect the brand in a truly unique way.

Part 1 - 

Part 2
Interior Graphics

Sketches and 3D Mockups

Installation Spec Sheet

Office Space

Before Installation


Final Outcome

Photo Credits:
Blulever Education

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© Copyright, 2023, Sarah Oforiwa OBUOBI, All Rights Reserved.