Chasing Patterns

Chasing Patterns is a collection of line drawings that invites us to lift our perspective from the weeds of everyday life to discover imaginary landscapes. It is inspired by unique details that I observe from nature (linear forms in rock sediments, tree barks), photographs of landscapes via satellite imagery or movement inspired by afro contemporary dance.

All created with ink on paper, these drawings are projections of an alternative perspective that lies somewhere between reality and imagination. The are 3 main phases of Chasing Patterns: Pre-Transit, In Transit and Post Transit.

Pre-Transit︎︎︎ forms the foundation of Chasing Patterns. In this series, I used basic elements of line, shape and pattern to create the compositions. The drawings were inspired by my desire to escape from monotonous experiences that were repetitive markers of everyday life.

The In Transit︎︎︎ series is inspired by satellite photographs of landscapes. During this phase of the project, I researched the systematic creative process of the artist in the form of my masters thesis, From the Hand to the Machine︎︎︎ This phase of the project also pushes the medium beyond ink and paper into digital fabrication methods︎︎︎

Post Transit︎︎︎
the final phase of the project, explores line drawings through other media. This phase of the project questions to what extent technology defines the creative process of the artist. By starting off with a line drawing created by hand and ending up with a variation of it (recreated with photography or motion design,) the work emphasises the value of “the hand” as the unique point of departure. 

Chasing Patterns culminated in a solo exhibition at the Maison de Quartier St Thérèse, Rennes in June 2022.

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