Consilium Law Firm

Creative Direction / Branding / Editorial / UI Design
Consilium is a boutique law firm that specialises in corporate and commercial transactions. I was approached by the company’s CEO to create a brand that would present the firm to potential clients in Accra. Consilium believes that “good counsel is integral to building reputable and resilient companies,” so my goal for the brand identity was to portray a sense of trust, assurance and - of course - good, reliable legal counsel. The interlocking of the letters “C” and “L” forms the emblem of the logo. The interlocking letterforms specifically signify that sense of assurance and trust. I designed the logo, company profile and other documents as the company evolved over the past few years. I also photographed and edited portraits of the staff for the website, which is currently in development.

Photo Credits: Cover image on Company Profile document by Photo by Joel Filipe︎︎︎ on Unsplash︎︎︎

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