Coretec(h) Software Design

Branding / Interior Graphics

Coretec Software Design︎︎︎ delivers robust software products through a variety of coding languages. The objective of the project was to design a brand identity that reflected this range of product offerings. I collaborated with Jasmine Amer, a Graphic and Interior designer, to create the visual identity system and interior murals for Coretec’s office. The concept heavily references the syntax and graphics behind programming languages. For instance, the logo is taken from the brackets universal to all coding languages ( ), { }, [ ]. The brackets or letter ‘C’ were playfully inverted at the beginning and the end of the logo to symbolise the compactness of Coretec’s products. We also drew inspiration from the variety of colours present in coding. The selection is harmonious, making the brand distinct. We applied this to the interior graphics of the office space, branded templates and stationery. My favourite visual element - the motifs and patterns were recreated from the myriad of punctuations also present in programming syntax. 

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Coretech Software Design

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© Copyright, 2023, Sarah Oforiwa OBUOBI, All Rights Reserved.