Ofo Obuobi ︎︎

Logo Folio I

Role : Freelance Graphic Designer (2012 - 2019)

This collection showcases logos designed for clients in Paris, Johannesburg, NYC and Chicago. Each logo is an adaptation of my design aesthetic to the unique personality of each brand.

My Real Health Score
A mobile application that tracks lifestyle choices of tech-savvy seniors in order to encourage healthy habits through a reward system. I designed the logo with the aim of equating two symbols into one figure. It communicates the key messages of health and self care.

Nkadu Photography
This is a logo/watermark that I designed for a photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. The logo is a typographic adaptation of the initials “NK” from their name. The swashes reflect the elegant style of the photographer.

I designed this logo for a Berlin-based university campus’ online dating platform. Inspired to convey the lofty feeling of being in love, I drew on sensorial references like the tactile experience of touching silk, and the cliché lights and colours of valentine’s day to create this typographic form.

Marielle Peschet Voix Off / Voice Over Artist
This logo was designed for a voice over artist based in Paris. The brief requested a logo form that portrays the artist’s authentic self, as well as other personalities that her voice is able to capture in different contexts. The most enjoyable part of designing this Voice Over Artist’s logo was creating a simple system that portrays these different personalities.

Adinkra- Inspired Logos

Adinkra symbols are visual emblematic proverbs of Ghanaian culture. The following logos, designed for Ghanaian clients, were all inspired by Adinkra symbols. These clients expressed the importance of representing their cultural heritage through their services - by Ghanaians and for Ghanaians.

The Adinkra visual language is heavily codified. These logos were designed as alternative Adinkra symbols for each brand. For each design, I created these codified emblems using typography and shapes.