Based on the foundational principles of drawing, Chasing Patterns explores line drawings in non-representational form. It draws a connection between what is seen and how that is translated into compositions that are unstructured, yet composed of inherent principles. The project has evolved through three phases which reflect the evolution of my creative journey as both an artist and a designer.

Pre-Transit explores how line, shape and pattern form compositions. As my career picked up as a  graphic designer, the drawings that I created during this phase served as a way of disengaging from creating within the formalised conventions that define the design practice. Pre-Transit was my escape from the structured confines of the creative process into a less conformist space.

In Transit explores how maps as visual representations of geographic reference, could be translated into linear forms. This phase of the project is heavily influenced by landscapes and cartography. During this phase of the project, I researched how the framework of cartography - as line drawings - could parallel the systematic creative process of the artist.

Post Transit, the current phase of the project, is in progress. It is a continuous multi-disciplinary exploration of the line drawings in other forms. Beyond dividing my work into clear cuts of “art” and “Graphic Design,” Post Transit is a constant reminder to balance the creative process between hand drawing and new media. It emphasises the value of art as the foundational basis for my work.

The Hidden Experiment Series

This project another step from the experience of tracing out the linear forms of “Chasing Patterns” into motion.