I am an artist and designer whose creative journey has crossed several geographic borders. While a part of this experience has been purely academic, it has served as the foundation for my holistic experience as a multidisciplinary designer. Currently based in Rennes (Bretagne) my work continues to evolve along parallel tracks in art and design. As a graphic designer, I translate brands’ untapped potential into striking visual language. Simultaneously, as an artist, I explore the creative process through a series of line drawings called “Chasing Patterns.” This body of work focuses on the principles of line, pattern and composition.

My work is heavily influenced by my foundational academic experience as an artist. This is what defines the systematic creative process in my work. My graduate research, In Transit, marks a moment in my creative journey where I begin to meaningfully adapt new media technology to my work. This has opened my work up to various experiments in new media, resulting in discoveries that will be continuously shared online.

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