Event Branding

ALUSB 2018

An event brand that celebrates of the first group of graduates “ Built for the African Century.”

The ALU School of Business

The African Leadership University (ALU) was established in 2015 with the mission to build educational institutions across the continent. Working in-house at ALU, I defined the core visual language and concepts that continue to serve the organisation. One of such projects was the visual identity that I designed for the institution’s first graduation ceremony. As this event marked a major milestone for ALUSB, my aim was to design an event brand that would be memorable for the institution and the students : a celebration of the first group of leaders “ Built for the African Century.”

Logo & Tagline

The tag line, “Building Leaders for the African Century” is matched with a typographic “Class of 2018” logo. Both of these form the core elements for the event brand. The enclosed rectangular frames on both logos capture the idea of grouping together the first community of leaders that the institution has nurtured. They form part of a community that is ready to make significant impact through their education.

Brand Pattern

The pattern created for this brand identity was inspired by “The ALU Step Device.” It signifies the wisdom of making the right choice, as Africa’s youth, by choosing ALU for their advanced education. It was first designed as part of ALU’s visual identity system by Kyle Wilhelm, creative director of The Lattitude Group.

The accompanying pattern created for the event brand is the Step-Device in gradient form. With the starting point of a singular Step Device as a motif, I mirrored, repeated and rotated the unit to generate a single pattern.

The outcome is an expanded visual identity system that was applied throughout the event and brought the event to life.