Event Branding

ALUSB 2019

The African Leadership University (ALU) is on a mission to build educational institutions across the continent. I designed for ALU’s 2019 business school graduation ceremony. As a successful concept, it has been repeated for other commencement events.

The ALU Step Device

The concept for the event brand was inspired by “The Step Device.” It signifies the act of taking a step in the right direction, and the wisdom of making the right choice, as Africa’s youth, by choosing ALU. The Step Device was first introduced to ALU’s visual identity system by Kyle Wilhelm.

Step Device - ALUSB 2019/2020

The Step Device is sliced into the lines that make up the logo and patterns. The slices forming the patterns are are then grouped, cropped, mirrored, rotated and organised into a dynamic pattern.

Brand Pattern Process - ALUSB 2019/2020
Brand Elements - ALUSB 2019/2020
Brand Elements

Further Proposals
The following alternative concepts were also proposed to the client during the design process.