Editorial Design

Unleash Your Potential

I art directed ALU’s first marketing campaign dubbed “Unleash Your Potential.” This campaign served ALU’s first official undergraduate recruitment strategy after the inaugural class.

The Brief

The brief submitted for this campaign had the intention of communicating the message of an ambitious brand on the mission to massively impact the face of education on an entire continent. How could a message so bold be translated visually to inspire young high school students to take the courageous step in selecting a new university?


The Concept

This concept was inspired by “The ALU Step Device.” It signifies the act of taking a step in the right direction. Africa’s youth, by choosing ALU for their advanced education, demonstrate that they have made the right choice. It was first designed as part of ALU’s visual identity system by Kyle Wilhelm, creative director at The Lattitude Group.

Design Process

Using ALU’s primary brand colours, and combining this with the structure of the Step Device, I designed the visual language of the campaign by isolating ALU’s step device into a typographic and stylistic emblem. The juxtaposition of line, typography and colour generates another dynamic line pattern.

Graphic - Design Process
Graphic - Design Process